North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Date Posted
17 Jul 2024

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PhD Project
NITIM Graduate School Network (University of Muenster)

PhD Position Opening – Marie Curie NITIMesr Fellowship

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
17 Jul 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

The position, which is open for immediate recruitment, is part of the NITIM Graduate School ( Research of NITIM is positioned at the interface of management, specifically entrepreneurship, innovation and technology management, computer science and information systems. Research focuses on studies of dynamic organizational and societal phenomena, such as innovation and change, from a network perspective. The advertised position is funded by Europe’s Marie Curie Program and is part of a portfolio of related research projects from multiple disciplinary backgrounds on the phenomenon of Networked Crisis Management. Crisis Management Networks are formed to respond to crisis situation. Humanitarian Logistics has been recognized as a crucial factor in disaster or crisis relief operations. Two characteristics of such situations, the precarious status of information and communication infrastructures (1) and the need for ad hoc coordination among heterogeneous actors (2), define key challenges for humanitarian supply chain coordination.

The purpose of this PhD position is to empirically study past and present coordination and collaboration constellations and scenarios in crisis situations and to develop mechanisms of information sharing and coordination for supply chains. The expected outcome is a theoretically grounded framework to assess different modes of coordination and required infrastructures to support them against the backdrop of different crisis scenarios.


We are looking for excellent and highly motivated junior researchers from around the world, who are interested in developing an academic or professional research career in the domain of NITIM, notably related to the theoretical foundations and/or application domain.

Candidates are expected to take initiative and responsibility in their career development, in shaping their research, in teaching, in designing and participating in international research projects, and in engaging in the NITIM network and the academic community. Previous experience in fields directly related to the specific position is a plus. Excellent research skills and analytical abilities, proficiency in English (both spoken and written), and proactive communication behaviour are required.

The successful candidate will join a cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary group of researchers who are developing their activity under the umbrella of the NITIM network.


1. LABOR CONTRACT. The successful candidate will be employed until October 2016. An extension of the contract beyond that date is possible. The salary is about 2.800 Euro per month depending on marital status. University of Muenster will cover tuition fees and other education cost as well as mobility cost (within applicable limits).

2. A EUROPEAN APPRENTICESHIP PhD MODEL. We refer to the fellows as Ph.D. candidate (and not as student) as a sign that you are treated from day one as a fellow scholar. The program is designed for career development and allows the fellows to hone your academic and professional skills on-the-job with coaching by experienced colleagues. It includes:

– Academic and industrial key qualifications development.
– A mobility phase of up to one-year internships in a European university and/ or an industrial partner firm.
– A team of academic and industrial personal coaches.
– Monthly regional seminars and biannual European 3-day meetings in turn hosted by partner universities.
– Biannual developmental progress reviews.

3. THE NITIM GRADUATE SCHOOL. Since 2005 the NITIM graduate school is a European-wide academic cooperation for Ph.D. education that emerged from collaboration with CEMS, the Community of European management Schools. It has been studied by EUA the European University association as a model for a networked European Ph.D. program and is recognized by Europe’s Marie Curie people development program.

How to Apply

ELIGIBILITY AND SELECTION CRITERIA Applicants for the PhD positions must have a Master of Science degree or similar in information systems, management, economics or related fields with qualification in the mentioned fields. Applications must not have failed a PhD and should have less than 4 years of research experience (typically max. 4 years of research after Master's degree). For the applicants the EU rules of mobility will apply: The applicant may not have lived for more than 12 cumulative months in the hosting country during the 36 months preceding the recruitment date. Short holiday stays are not counted. Candidates may be of any nationality. Candidates are selected based on academic merits and the criteria set out in this position offering. NITIM’s diversity policy aims at gender equality and a sustained global international mix of the team. APPLICATION: Send your application no later than 31 JULY 2014 by email to Prof. Katzy, chairman of NITIM,, and Prof. Miralles,, the education dean of NITIM. The application in English language should at least consist of the following: - Motivation letter outlining previous research experience, research interests and career perspective, - Curriculum Vitae, - Scanned copies of degree certificates, - Proof of proficiency in English, e.g. TOEFL test, if English is not your native language, - At least one letter of reference and a list of three individuals who are willing to provide a letter of reference. Inquiries about the post should be sent to either Prof. Katzy or Prof. Miralles for the program and Prof. Klein ( for the host institution.