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27 May 2024

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PhD Project
Informatic Institute, Federal University of Goias

PhD position on Machine Learning and Software Engineering in Brazil

27 May 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

We currently have 1 PhD position on Computational Intelligence for Automated Program Repair, of Informatic Institute at Federal University of Goias in Brazil (Goiania, Goias).

We are looking for candidates that meet the following requirements:
– MSc in computer science or a similar degree;
– Knowledge of Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computation or Software Engineering (Debugging, Software Testing, Software Maintenance);
– Advanced knowledge of a programming language such as Python, Java or C;
– Ability to present results in technical reports, and prepare scientific papers for publication in international conferences and journals.

*Automated Program Repair*

Maintaining high-quality software as it evolves is an expensive problem, to the point that it typically dominates software life-cycle cost. Software evolution consists of a number of interrelated activities, including bug finding and fixing and feature implementation. In practice, these activities are performed manually, by expert human developers, but substantial evidence indicates that the number of person-hours required simply to deal with the volume of bugs reported for a particular project is impracticable; more, of course, are required for feature development. As a result, projects ship with both known and unknown defects, and software quality remains a pressing practical concern.

This problem motivates a growing body of recent work in search-based software engineering that applies meta-heuristic techniques like Genetic Programming to improve software by evolving patches to source code. The core goal in these techniques is to search the solution space of potential program improvements for edits to an input program that, e.g., fix a bug without breaking other functionality, typically as revealed by tests.

*Informatic Institute – Federal University of Goias – Brazil*
The Informatic Institute is one of the biggest in Brazil, with 70 faculty researching on computer science and multidisciplinary fields. The institute has three ungraduated programs, and also the MSc and PhD programs. We are located in the city of Goiania which is in the middle of Brazil.

*Federal University of Goias*

*City of Goiania – Goias, Brazil*

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How to Apply

Candidates should email me at

Position Category: Technology. Position Type: PhD Project. Position Tags: artificial intelligence, software engineering, and machine learning.