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26 Jan 2024

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PhD Project
Institut Curie – Physics Department

PhD position in Biological Physics at Institut Curie, Paris

26 Jan 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description


Cells in contact within a tissue routinely organize spatially at a supracellular scale in a way largely controlled by the cells’ mesoenvironment (at the scale of the population). These mesoscopic organizations rely on the collective: They cannot be explained solely by the behavior of individual single cells and their study requires specific experiments and theoretical models.
The present project aims at quantifying cell organizations in vitro, in various well-controlled environments. We propose to study the dynamics of the local orientation and the emergence of chirality in fibroblast-like populations cultured in micropatterned/microfabricated environments. Then, motivated by in vivo observations, we plan i/ to transpose these experiments to shaped surfaces (wires or spheres) and ii/ to quantify the transition from 2D (monolayer) to 3D (cell cords, spheroids or cysts) that cells spontaneously undergo upon confinement.
This interdisciplinary project involves new methodologies to be developed in our clean room facility or in the new IPGG Paris Microfluidics Institute. The project will be carried out in the framework of collaborations with biology and theory groups.

We are seeking a candidate with a strong motivation for interdisciplinary experimental work combining physics and cell biology. Candidates from different backgrounds (physics, biophysics, biology or engineering) are encouraged to apply.

Recent publications: Yevick et al. PNAS (2015) – Nier et al. PNAS 2015 – Garcia et al. PNAS (2015) – Deforet et al. Nat. Commun. (2014) – Duclos et al. Soft Matter (2014) – Reffay et al. Nat. Cell Biol. (2014) – Deforet et al. Nat. Meth. (2012).

Position to start October 2016.

Please, direct questions to Pascal Silberzan (

How to Apply

The IC-3i PhD program has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. It is aimed at students with a Master’s degree (or about to obtain one) who have not worked or lived in France for more than 12 months during the past 3 years prior to the call end date. For more information on the program, please, see: Applications have to be submitted via the online application portal before February 11th 2016.

Position Category: Mathematical & Physical Sciences. Position Type: PhD Project. Salary: €20'000 - €30'000.