Date Posted
3 Aug 2024

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PhD Project
Institut Charles Sadron (CNRS)

PhD fellowship at the University of Strasbourg

3 Aug 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

Molecular recognition at interfaces. Application to incorporation of biomarkers into microbubbles as drug delivery systems
The objective of the PhD thesis is to investigate the breadth, mechanisms and applications of a newly discovered hydrophobic interaction-driven interfacial recognition and recruitment phenomenon that allows the selection, adsorption and immobilization of fluorinated compounds into interfacial films using a fluorocarbon gas ( These compounds include fluorinated nitrosoimidazoles used as cell hypoxia biomarkers and probes for positron emission tomography (PET). A further goal is to apply this phenomenon to the delivery of biomarkers and drugs immobilized in the shell of medical microbubbles. The dynamics of the recruitment, adsorption and organisation of the bioactive cargo will be investigated both experimentally and through theoretical modelling. The morphology and structure of mixed fluorocarbon/phospholipid/biomarkers films will be determined. The mechanics of the microbubbles will be assessed, as well as the ultrasound parameters that trigger the release of the biomarkers.
This PhD position is financed by a fellowship granted by the International Center for Frontier Research in Chemistry of Strasbourg (LabEx Systèmes Complexes; ci-FRC,
Main research field: Organic Physical Chemistry, Soft Matter, Colloid and Interfaces
Starting date: As soon as possible
Location: Institut Charles Sadron (CNRS). 23 rue du Loess. 67034 Strasbourg (France).
How to apply: Address your application with CV, recommendation letters and expression of interest to Dr. M.P. Krafft (
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How to Apply

How to apply: Address your application with CV, marks obtained during the Master course and recommendation letters and expression of interest to Dr. M.P. Krafft (

Position Category: Chemical Sciences. Position Type: PhD Project. Salary: €20'000 - €30'000.