Date Posted
24 Mar 2024

PhD Project


24 Mar 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

I am Azadeh Gharaei, a graduated from bachelor’s and master’s degrees in urban planning and regional planning from Tehran University with the top ranks. I continued my academic experience in the field of urban planning at the doctoral level with a top rank at Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch. The topic of my thesis was to explain the relationship between urban form and spatial structure with urban sustainability in the regions of Tehran, which was finished with an excellent grade. In order to complete the teaching and learning process and in order to strengthen the research capacity, I have written various scientific articles and participated in national and international conferences and research projects. Also, in line with the application of the acquired sciences, I worked for more than 5 years in architectural and urban planning consulting engineering companies and for more than 8 years in various units of Islamic Azad University as a teacher of theoretical and workshop courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. At some points of time, due to some issues such as marriage and having children, I have experienced a little growth and progress, and I have returned to the field of educational and research activities with as much effort as possible. The field of my scientific experience so far has been the topics of urban planning, specifically neighborhood planning, urban sustainability, and the spatial form and structure of the city, and I am interested in continuing the mentioned platforms, along with advancing the topics of sustainable regional growth, as well as clarifying the relationship between the city and physical and mental health; I am looking to experience a richer and more fruitful educational environment.

Position Category: Arts & Humanities. Position Type: PhD Project.