Date Posted
3 Oct 2024

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PhD Project
Curtin University

multi-electrode arrays with a single wire

3 Oct 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

Single-wire multi-electrode arrays
A PhD position for a keen chemistry/physical chemistry student.
Project is funded under the Discovery Project scheme from the Australian Research Council. The research project seeks to develop multielectrode arrays with a single wire. It is joint project between Curtin University (Dept. of Chemistry, Dr. Simone Ciampi) and The University of New South Wales (School of Chemistry, Prof J. Gooding).
The successful candidate will have a sound knowledge in General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry. A basic knowledge of semiconductor physics or photoelectrochemistry would be highly desirable but is not strictly required. He/she will be working on developing a mask-free electrochemical lithography, where a light stimulus is used to address charge transfer and hence address locally the growth of conductive features on semiconductor electrodes.
Recent publications from the project includes:

1) Zhang, L.; Vogel, Y. B.; Noble, B. B.; Gonçales, V. R.; Darwish, N.; Brun, A. L.; Gooding, J. J.; Wallace, G. G.; Coote, M. L.; Ciampi, S., TEMPO Monolayers on Si(100) Electrodes: Electrostatic Effects by the Electrolyte and Semiconductor Space-Charge on the Electroactivity of a Persistent Radical. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016.
2) Choudhury, M. H.; Ciampi, S.; Yang, Y.; Tavallaie, R.; Zhu, Y.; Zarei, L.; Gonçales, V. R.; Gooding, J. J., Connecting electrodes with light: one wire, many electrodes. Chem. Sci. 2015, 6 (12), 6769-6776.

The successful applicant will be based at Curtin (Perth, Western Australia). A top up scholarship of $5000 per annum (over the annual $24000 salary package) will be awarded when considerate adequate.

How to Apply

How to Apply Apply in person to Dr. Simone Ciampi at Applicants are encouraged to attach an academic transcript (bachelor and master), a list of publications and a statement on the near-future career goals.

Position Category: Chemical Sciences. Position Type: PhD Project. Salary: €10'000 - €20'000.