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18 Apr 2024

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PhD Program
Hanyang University

MSc, or MSc/PhD (combined) or PhD positions available at HYU for September 2016 intake

18 Apr 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

MSc, or MSc/PhD (combined) or PhD positions available at HYU for September 2016 intake
Research Area:

Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Neuroimmunology, Cancer Biology, Computational Biology

check more at:

Full scholarship provided (read carefully through to the very end of this info letter)


HEESE, Klaus, PhD
Graduate School of Biomedical Science & Engineering
Hanyang University

Department of Information Systems
College of Engineering
Hanyang University

our university only accepts online applications !!! (printed documents need to be sent after completion of online application) – thus, you have to go through this time-consuming process ….

for online application, check under: (please note: you must use windows computer and Internet Explorer, otherwise it does not work !!!)

go to: ’ Admission’ —→ Prospective Students (all infos are provided in English – here you can find all Answers to your Questions – therefore, read first carefully before you make any inquiries !)
e.g. to do application, click on: ‘01 Application procedure’ -→ ‘online application’

next intake: for next semester starting: 01/09/2016 (01. September 2016)

application deadline: online application: around 06. – 20. April 2016 (you can access and apply only during this period) – check regularly online !! Before the application period, you may encounter problems to find the correct link – nevertheless, all required infos are available and once the application period starts a proper link to actually perform the online application can be found.
During online application; you can find this link (further below you are getting a more detailed guidance where to click and where you would need to log-in) – but you need first to register, therefore, below log-in, click on Sign up, then a new window pops up, and there you can see on the right hand written: for foreigners … click, and then make 2 times a tick (under each square box) to agree to terms and conditions …. confirm, sign up, create ID, and then log in with new ID

(online application and hardcopy (print) submission required, check the details carefully – after completion of the online application you will receive a pdf-file of the application on your computer which you have to print sign and send by mail along with other indicated documents.)
you would need to check regularly not to miss the application period which is open only for a short time only (about 7 days) and announced at the HYU homepage just a few days before the application opening …
You would need to have a GPA of about >80% to have good chances for a competitive application

during the application process, ensure to select the correct graduate school :

Professional Graduate School: Biomedical Science and Engineering
(not Graduate school department Engineering, and also not Graduate school department science)

your first selection must be :
Professional Graduate School: Biomedical Science and Engineering
Under this, there might be another sub-selection (Science or Engineering – here you select Science !) — you may need to select as Major: Science (not Engineering because it may affect later the courses you can select) – Once you have decided the department, you cannot change it anymore !!!
In addition, to be on a more save side, you should mention the name Prof Klaus Heese wherever it might be possible, e.g. on or near the top of the application form and in cover letter and/or research letter.

Scholarship application during the application process:

1) HYU scholarship provides 50% coverage for international engineering and science students – you must apply for this, anyway, it is Basic scholarship for foreigners with good CGPA from HYU and covering 50% tuition fees. You will be automatically enrolled in this competition.

2) while you may also apply for HISP in parallel – but the HISP is extremely difficult to secure and requires a GPA of >90 or >95% – it is usually easier to get by students form Humanities ….. If your grades are very excellent you can try to apply in parallel for this HISP (Hanyang International Scholarship Program) which covers then 100% tuition fees. You must apply for this separately during the online application – you need to make a tick during online application at the indicated place otherwise you are not competing with others for it !!! because you are NOT automatically enrolled for this competition.

3) Other option is the International scholarship for the combined MSc/PhD program, – it may cover between 50-100% tuition fees and sometimes also living costs – case by case and by competition …. You can apply for this in parallel to the scholarship mentioned under 1) (but you need then to go for the combined MSc/PhD program !) – it is highly recommended to go for this program because it costs you the same time as if you would go for PhD only as there would be the same requirements in terms of research – you must publish 3 SCI papers. Academic requirements are a bit more, but that is minor problem anyway and won’t really affect you. As a strategy it is highly recommended to apply for the combined MSc/PhD program because the chances to get full tuition fee coverage is higher compared with the normal PhD program – and the time you need to get your PhD or combined MSc/PhD is actually the same and depends on the time and efforts you spend on your research. The academic credits you need are more for MSc/PhD but all can be done within 3-4 (max 5) years. The time depends on your efforts and the time you spend on research. You will be automatically enrolled in this competition if you opt for the combined MSc/PhD program.

4) KGSP (giving excellent scholarship money support); but probably only open once a year for the application period around April for the intake in September – for more details regarding this scholarship, see further down ! it is hard to predict the chance to get it, seems to be highly competitive and it might be better to apply via Korean embassy (or consulate) in your home country.

Other infos:
English TOEFL test (or similar) is highly recommended to give English knowledge proof – exception might be possible by personal interview (online / Skype) – If you have TOEFL or something like that, then it helps, but it is not mandatory … you have to take then here some basic biology class given by an American professor …

Regarding scholarships, you can find basic infos under:
Admission — prospective students – scholarships for international students …, while you are applying you are automatically enrolled in some scholarship competitions (No-1 and -3 mentioned above), for others (e.g. HISP (No-2)) you must apply specifically while you do the online application!!
If you are accepted as student here (it goes by competition with other applicants, your costs will be covered somehow by scholarship/grant …

Questions for
– admission,
– insurance
– 1-time admission fee
– tuition fees (can be covered by scholarships),
– online application,
Lee Sunjin (Mr.)
Office of International Cooperation
Hanyang University
222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu

Seoul 133-791, Korea
Tel. +82 2 2220 0046
Fax. +82 2 2281 1784

Questions regarding Research:
Contact: Prof. Klaus Heese

How to Apply

go to the link below and download the instruction document for MSc/PhD positions:

Position Category: Medical & Biological Sciences. Position Type: PhD Program.