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2 May 2024

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PhD Project

Computational investigation of structure and dynamics of single-chain polymer nanoparticles in crowded environments and shear flow

2 May 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

We offer a 3-years research grant to perform a PhD project at the Materials Physics Center, joint center CSIC-University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain (
The salary (before taxes) will start at 16,000 euros/year and will be smoothly increased every year. After the 3 years, the candidate will be expected to defend his/her PhD thesis at the University of the Basque Country.

The topic of research will be the investigation, by means of computer simulation techniques, of the structural and dynamic properties of single-chain polymer particles (SCNPs) in crowded environments and shear flow. SCNPs are an emergent class of soft nano-objects with promising applications for designing biomimetic materials, nanocarriers, or rheological agents among others. However, very little is still known about their structure and dynamics, which are the ultimate responsible for their functionality. Recent investigations have shown that standard synthesis protocols produce SCNPs with sparse architectures and strong analogies with intrinsically disordered proteins. Advanced techniques have been proposed to produce globular SCNPs, constituting a new family of glass-forming soft colloids.
The aim of this PhD project is to deepen in our understanding of SCNP structure and dynamics by using computer simulations, to characterize such properties and to design new synthesis routes to produce target SCNP arquitectures with specific and improved properties. As a major result, the effect of crowding and shear flow (which are ubiquous in chemical and biological processes) on the SCNP functionality will be investigated.

We are looking for a young motivated candidate meeting the following requirements:
1) Background in soft matter physics.
2) MSc degree in Physics, Chemistry or related fields, or expected to obtain it before November 2016.
3) Experience in computer simulations (molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo).

IMPORTANT: Interested candidates must meet ALL these three requirements. Otherwise, they will not be considered for the selection process, and should refrain from sending applications. The policy of the Materials Physics Center is just to leave the positions vacant or to assign them to other projects if eligible candidates are not found.

Deadline for applications: 31 May 2016.

Please send CV and recommendation letters, as well as any question about the position, to: (only messages sent to this address will be read; please do not contact any other address of the Materials Physics Center).

How to Apply

The call will be published at the website of the Materials Physics Center:, from mid to 31 May 2016. The interested candidates do NOT have to make an on-line application. They have to contact directly (from right now until the deadline at 31 May) by e-mail the supervisor of the project: Dr. Angel Moreno, e-mail: Only messages sent to this address will be read; please do not contact any other address of the Materials Physics Center. Please attach a CV. Statement of interest and recommendation letters will be esteemed. A pre-selection of candidates will be made on the basis of their CV and academic and scientific background. The final decision will be taken by a committee of the Materials Physics Center at mid June. Incorporation of the awarded candidates to the Materials Physics Center will not be later than November 2016.

Position Category: Mathematical & Physical Sciences. Position Type: PhD Project. Position Tags: computer simulations and soft matter physics. Salary: €10'000 - €20'000.