Date Posted
3 Sep 2024

PhD Program
Pouya Faeghi

Antenna, BioMedical, Microwave Tomography

3 Sep 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

My name is Pouya Faeghi, I have 8 Patent, 4 ISI paper, 4 conference and 1 book translations.
My award was:
• TabrizSat got a 2nd (Second Position) in 6th Iran CanSat Competition in the Communication CanSat Category
• Diploma of Honor and Final choice of Specialty Seraj Festival (In the field of Electronics – Mechanics)
• Diploma of Honor and Final choice of Specialty Seraj Festival (In the field of Medical)
• Gold Medal of the Specialty Seraj Festival (In the field of Electronics – Mechanics)
• News Interview of Islamic Republic of Iran Channel 1 First International Festival of Invention`s Grand Prize in Iran
• Eventually Participated in the First International Festival of Invention`s Grand Prize in Iran Final Stage
• Participated in the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 10.0, Team: WiseCoders
• Interview with Anna News about the Decline of Traffic Fatalities (From, Smart Tire Pressure Monitor)
• Certificates of appreciation in Young Researchers and Elite Club, Islamic Azad University Branch Ilkhchi
• Top Clip of Tabriz University in the IEEE Iran Section
• Media Interview as an Active Member of Young Researchers and Elites Club, Islamic Azad University Branch Ilkhchi
• Participating in Hi-Tech Exhibition, Tabriz (From, Tabriz Governor)
• Honored by Scientific Society of Electronics Engineering and Research Deputy of Islamic Azad University Branch Tabriz
• The Cherished Artist Cultural deputy of Islamic Azad University Branch Tabriz
• Best Team in Line Follower Robot (Sepanta) at Open Regional Robotic Competitions, “Team Leader”
• Music Composing for IMA Group Theatre, Cultural Department of Literature and Art Association, Azad University Branch Tabriz
• Thanks and Appreciation Honored by Azerbaijan Young and Sport Centre as an Inventor
• Smart Water Heater in Wipers, Registration Number 69118, Confirmation in Science and Technology Park of Province
• First Rank Award of Eastern Azerbaijan Province in the Nationwide Students’ Physics, Second Rank Award of Eastern Azerbaijan Province in Nationwide Student Mathematics Olympiad.
• First Ranked Student Award 1th Region of Tabriz in Research and Study in High school.

How to Apply

My Name is Pouya Faeghi. I got my master degree of Communication-Field & Wave in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran. My thesis was entitled “Accurate Tumor Detection in the human body with Array Antenna” with the supervision of Dr.Pourziad and Dr.Bemani, faculty of Communication-Field & Wave Department in the University of Tabriz. In this regard, and due to my profound interest in your research fields, I would like to learn more to improve my experimental and professional skills by co-operating in your prestigious research for a Ph.D position. I am applying to the mammography and radiography program, and I am very interested in your work. It will be a great chance and honor for me to spend this period in Brunel University. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. I request education in Perspective PhD Student (PhD student position in Microwave Tomography "Novel detection and release tumor with array Antenna" BioMEMS). My Ms.c final thesis, was entitled “Accurate Tumor Detection in human body with Array Antenna Now I want after detect tumor with array antenna I want release this tumor with that. In this thesis, the goal is to design an array suitable for microwave imaging. An array antenna is used to achieve high resolution. Designing these arrays in a way that has very little impact on it and is minimal among the array elements. On the other hand, the effect of frequency dependence of the electromagnetic parameters of the limb body has been considered in the analysis. In other words, the design of the antenna is close to real reality with all the issues. Another important thing is to create images of the data received by the elements of the array, which in this dissertation can be formed by the simple formation pf these images. The antenna design in the theater is based on the Vivaldi antennas that are broadband. The designed antenna is amplified at 2.45 GHz. This frequency level, known as ISM frequency band, is not permitted for medical applications and does not require licensing. The antenna has a frequency shift frequency so it should be used at the frequency desired by the CSSR to improve it on the power line, and to increase the gain and guidance of the antenna, the overhead element is used as the AZIM, which is similar to the field Around near the antenna to get the antenna to the beginning and the end of the antenna in a direction that in addition to increasing the gain can prevent unnecessary slipping. After designing the Array Vivaldi antenna accurately, with the ability of Wilkinson's five portals with different dimensions from CSSR and AZIM to create this thesis needs an simulated environment that requires similar information to the reality of the reality of human tissues to look like later. Designing and extracting the necessary information from the designed simulation, adapting the simulated natural structure to ensure the accuracy of the information, the antenna should be constructed and tested in a clinical setting, and after testing the information extracted from it with an adaptation similar to the correct antenna performance is displayed. Now it is paid to a part of the thesis that the simulated environment is normal, so this is done. The simulated environment consists of a ring and a sphere, which is a candle for all young people, including: • Blood vessels • Blood capillaries • Multiple brain layers • Belly bone • Skin • Hair Based on the references to the internationally validated articles and the INRC's Italian Research Database, extraction was made and the electrical conduction and transmission coefficient of the brain were determined and used in this way. The size taken for the brain to be taken from the dimensions of an adult man looks like a real one. The tumor used in this brain is a spherical explorer that examines the following information to be normal: Tumor information from glioma tumors, glioma tumors are usually of low or benign, or, in other words, the primary brain the tumor originates from glial cells that are responsible for building the brain and protecting the neuron. Sincerely yours, Pouya Faeghi.

Position Category: Engineering. Position Type: PhD Program. Salary: €30'000 - €40'000.