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21 Dec 2024

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PhD Project
Institut Curie

5 fellowships in Life Sciences

21 Dec 2024

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

Institut Curie launches its international PhD program in Life Sciences “IC-PhD” which offers a total of 5 fellowships starting from September 2024.

PhD research projects in life sciences cover Institut Curie’s main research themes:
• Epigenetics, RNA and Genome Dynamics
• Cell Biology and Developmental Biology
• Tumor Biology and Immunology
• Radiobiology and Molecular Imaging
• Physics of Living Systems and Chemical Biology
• Computational and Systems Biology

Institut Curie brings together a world-class multidisciplinary cancer research center and a state-of-the-art hospital group in Paris and surroundings. By embracing cross-disciplinary approaches, it drives the discovery of more effective treatments and leads to improved patient care.

List of proposed PhD projects

Project 1 – Ultrastructural architecture of the intercellular bridge by cryo-electron microscopy
Thesis supervisor(s): Aurélie Bertin
Research group: Molecular Microscopy of Membranes (MMM)
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 2 – Characterization of DNA repair in mitosis, a path to identify new tumor vulnerability
Thesis supervisor(s): Raphael Ceccaldi
Research group: Alternative DNA repair mechanisms in human cancers
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 3 – Electrohydraulic properties of cells and tissues
Thesis supervisor(s): Charlie Duclut & Thomas Risler
Research group: Physical Approach of Biological Problems
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 4 – Genome plasticity from evolution to cancer: an inducible system to understand the genesis and stability of neocentromeres
Thesis supervisor(s): Daniele Fachinetti
Research group: Molecular Mechanisms of Chromosome Dynamics
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 5 – Coordinating lumen formation and cell fate specification in embryonic epithelial morphogenesis
Thesis supervisor(s): Silvia Fre & Maria Luisa Martin-Faraldo
Research group: Notch Signaling in Stem Cells and Tumors
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 6 – A DNA/RNA crosstalk: The role of splicing in transcriptional regulation
Thesis supervisor(s): Reini Luco
Research group: Chromatin and RNA splicing
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 7 – Mechanisms controlling stemness, epithelium-to-mesenchyme transition and genomic stability in neural crest cell development and melanoma
Thesis supervisor(s): Anne-Hélène Monsoro-Burq & Boris Bardot
Research group: Signaling and Neural Crest Development
Email contact of the supervisors:;

Project 8 – Exploring functional interactome of Androgen Receptor and RNA in the early onset of the castration-resistant prostate cancer
Thesis supervisor(s): Antonin Morillon & Marina Pinskaya
Research group: Non-coding RNA, Epigenetics, and Genomes Fluidity
Email contact of the supervisors:;

Project 9 – Role of architectural proteins in the spatial organization of the Bombyx mori genome and Mitotic chromosome architecture in holocentric insects
Thesis supervisor(s): Héloïse Muller
Research group: Evolution of centromeres and chromosome segregation
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 10 – Investigating innovative dose delivery methods to optimize the effectiveness of novel radiotherapy techniques
Thesis supervisor(s): Yolanda Prezado & Jason Parsons
Research group: New Approaches in RAdiotherapy (NARA)
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 11 – Diffusion of active transporters in bio membranes
Thesis supervisor(s): Raju Regmi & Patricia Bassereau
Research group: Membranes and Cellular Functions
Email contact of the supervisors:,

Project 12 – Characterization of alternative splicing programs associated with developmental origins of medulloblastoma
Thesis supervisor(s): Olivier Saulnier & Olivier Ayrault
Research group: Genomics and Development of Childhood Cancers
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 13 – Active sorting of cancer cells and fibroblasts
Thesis supervisor(s): Pascal Silberzan
Research group: Biology-inspired Physics at MesoScales
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 14 – Comparative Study of Spindle Assembly for Cancer Therapy
Thesis supervisor(s): Phong Tran
Research group: Cytoskeletal Architecture and Cell Morphogenesis
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 15 – Unravelling RNA G4 functions in alternative splicing events: underlying the role of G4 ligand stabilization
Thesis supervisor(s): Daniela Verga & Jean-Louis Mergny
Research group: Targeting of Nucleic Acids and Photolabelling Approaches
Email contact of the supervisor:

Project 16 – The molecular machinery of galectin-driven endocytosis
Thesis supervisor(s): Christian Wunder & Ludger Johannes
Research group: Endocytic Trafficking and Intracellular Delivery
Email contact of the supervisor:

Please note that all the projects will not be funded in the frame of the program. A selection procedure will take place for funding.

How to Apply

Position Category: Medical & Biological Sciences. Position Type: PhD Project.