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6 Dec 2018

PhD Project
Utrecht University

PhD position / Solid-State NMR / Utrecht / bio-inspired nanomaterials

6 Dec 2018

NOTE: this position listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Position Description

We invite applications for a 4-years PhD position in the field of biomolecular solid-state NMR at the Bijvoet Center, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. The research deals with the atomic-level characterization of bio-inspired self-assembling nanomaterials for pharmaceutical and medical applications using a combined approach of modern solid-state NMR & MD simulation methods. Further information to the project is available by email (to

The position is open for the junior research group of by M. Weingarth, embedded in the NMR group of Prof. M. Baldus. We offer access to high-field NMR machines (950, 800, 700, 500, 400 MHz for solid-state NMR // 900 MHz magnet for solution NMR). A 1.2 GHz machine will be installed within the next years. The 950, 800 and 700 MHz machines are equipped with fast-spinning 1.3 mm probes. The 800 and 400 MHz magnets are equipped for DNP. The candidate will have access to a powerful computational infrastructure and a well-equipped molecular biology lab. Research will also be carried out in collaboration with pharmaceutical groups.

Applicants should have a degree in biochemistry/biophysics or a related discipline. Cross-disciplinary applications are welcome. Strong experience in molecular biology techniques & protein/nucleic acid preparation is desirable. Experience in either MD simulations, NMR or programming is a plus, but not required. The starting date is March/April 2016 or later.

To apply, please send a (brief) cover letter, your CV as well as the names and the contact addresses of two references to:

Dr. Markus Weingarth
Phone: +31 30 253 2875
Email :

See also here for further information:

The PhD position is funded by a NWO VIDI grant to M. Weingarth. The candidate is offered a full-time position for 4 years. The salary is supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8.0% and an end-of-year bonus of 8,3% per year. The salary starts at ca. € 2.100 and increases to € 2.700 gross per month in the fourth year.

Project-relevant publications:

I. Rad Malekshahi, M., Visscher. K.M., Rodrigues J.P.G.L.M., de Vries, R., Hennink, W.E., Baldus, M., Bonvin A.M.J.J., Mastrobattista E., Weingarth. M. (2015) J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137, 7775, The supramolecular organization of a peptide based nanocarrier at high molecular detail
II. Mance, D., Sinnige., T., Kaplan, M., Daniels, M., Houben, K., Baldus, M., Weingarth, M. (2015) Angew. Chem., in press, A labeling approach to harness backbone and side chain protons in 1H-detected solid-state NMR
III. Sinnige, T., Daniels, M., Baldus, M., Weingarth, M. (2014) J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136, 4452. Proton clouds to measure nonexchangable sidechain protons in solid-state NMR. Cover article

How to Apply

To apply, please send a (brief) cover letter, your CV as well as the names and the contact addresses of two references to: Dr. Markus Weingarth Phone: +31 30 253 2875 Email :

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